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Sleeptember Sleep Health Forum
People with sleep disorders, caregivers, and healthcare professionals unite over at the Sleeptember® Sleep Health Forum to find solutions for common sleep challenges.

These Top Ten recent topics from the month of June feature concerns about dying from sleep apnea (based on the recent news of Carrie Fisher’s cause of death), CPAP for travelers (especially for campers), children with sleep apnea, an upcoming wearable device to treat insomnia, and more.

Have a  concern, question, suggestion, or comment? Stop by the forum and say hello!

Gold top 10 winner

  1. When were you diagnosed with sleep apnea?
  2. Children with Sleep Apnea
  3. New to the group and need help: I cannot find a mask that fits properly and the tech working with me, through my insurance, can’t either
  4. Tongue tie and sleep apnea?
  5. Mask frustration
  6. Try preventing diabetes and obesity by maintaining healthy sleep schedule
  7. Traveling with Cpap
  8. Do I need a titration to get a machine?
  9. Sana’s smart sleep goggles for insomniacs will be out in 2018
  10. Carrie Fisher Died From Sleep Apnea and Other Factors, Coroner Says (and) Carrie Fisher
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