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Screen Shot 2019 08 21 at 4.46.32 PMBy Eugena Brooks

In a busy world, there always seems to be too much to do. When you are fighting off daytime sleepiness from having sleep apnea, this particularly rings true. Having one more thing to do in your day — like taking yet another online survey — might seem like a good place to draw the line and give yourself a break, right? But hear me out, please.

I’m referring to the 2019 AWAKETOGETHER Survey by sleepapnea.org — the American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA). The Survey is designed to show the experiences of patients (adults and children/parents) who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. By allowing service providers to learn more about your sleep apnea journey, you help guide the education and awareness, and advocacy efforts for patients. Data collected with this survey is completely anonymous and a continuance and expansion of our health journey. Usage of the CPAP has been expanded but information on other treatments is also being gathered.

If you took last year’s survey, you will find that some questions on the 2019 survey follow-up on issues identified last year. Thus, allowing for an extended point of view from one level to the next and a deeper understanding of what we as sleep apnea sufferers experience. So, it is important that as many as possible participate. The clearer our answers, the better the understanding of what is our needs dealing with sleep apnea from a patient perspective. What this Survey reveals, and what we bring to the discussion during SLEEPTEMBER will dictate the improvements we need and better care we will get in the future.

The AWAKETOGETHER Summit on 9/19/19 is for patients, caregivers, health professionals, and industry to come to the table and give what will be valuable and much-needed information that will help improve equipment development, services and general health practice available going forward in the future. The meeting will demonstrate the value of a ground-breaking multidisciplinary team approach from diagnosis to treatment coordination. If you can’t join ASAA in person, then do join us online.  You can register to atttend in-person OR online here.

Either way- your experience and participation are important. The more we tell, the more thought leaders will learn and the better off we will be. Hope to see you in Sleeptember….

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