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This study was closed on April 23, 2020, and we will no longer be collecting or reviewing data from the SleepHealth App after that date. No new participants will be enrolled and the SleepHealth app is no longer available on the App Store. As study results and publications become available, they will be posted on this site and emailed to enrolled participants. 

Complete simple surveys to get personalized health tips and move research forward.

See how your sleep health and family history affects your general health, safety, and risk for medical conditions.

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Alertness Checker 1

Quickly and easily assess your daytime alertness with the Alertness Checker.

Use this fun and easy test to check your alertness and challenge others.


Use the SleepHealth App on your Apple Watch.

Track your naps. Rate your sleep quality. Get better sleep. Improve your sleep habits and connect with your loved one.

Alertness Checker 1

Turndown 1

Check in with your own Personal Sleep Concierge.

The Concierge and Turndown Service are on the job to help you sleep better.






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